Huntington Ingalls Industries Design Engineering Manager in Aiken, South Carolina

Design Engineering ManagerAiken, SC

Posted: 10/8/2018

Category: Manager

Job Type: Full-Time

Minimum Experience: 10

Job Description

The Manager of Design Engineering is a strategic and critical leadership/management role within Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS). The Manager leads and manages the organization to ensure timely, cost effective, and highly technical quality integrated engineering deliverables supporting the entire site. The position is responsible for multiple, highly technical organizations (i.e., Design Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering (FPE), Geotechnical/Civil/Structural Engineering, Materials Acquisition Engineering (MAE), and Engineering Standards). This position not only ensures the production of these deliverables but then defends, on behalf of the company, these deliverables to key stakeholder entities including the Department of Energy (DOE), the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the Defense Nuclear Facility Safety Board (DNFSB), the State of South Carolina, and other regulatory and oversite functions.

This position manages the following functional areas:

Design Engineering

Direct, lead, and manage a department of exempt highly technical and specialized professionals (i.e., Engineers, Scientists, and Designers) that ensures all SRNS Line Item, Capital, and Operating Projects for Nuclear Facilities as well as Division Managed Modifications are designed and operated in a manner that provides assurance of safety for the public, site workers, and environment. Design sets the stage as to the ultimate success, cost, and operability of all site new missions (i.e., Strategic Plutonium Disposition, Pit Production, Foreign Fuel, Argus, Safeguards and Security, etc.). This entails the identification and evaluation of all nuclear, chemical, and criticality safety controls, all national consensus codes and standards, all applicable DOE Orders, and the development of a design strategy to fulfill these requirements. This position is unique within SRNS in that it has responsibility for all the principal design products of the company. This requires an extraordinary degree of rigor to ensure that products are produced with the highest level of technical and quality considerations to withstand external review and oversight. This position is the primary interface between SRNS and DOE (DOE-SRSO, NNSA-SRFO, and DOE/NNSA HQ), DNFSB, and other SRS Contractors (i.e., SRR, Parsons, Centerra, and USFS) in all matters related to design including defending SRNS positions to external oversight entities on complex technical issues. Additionally, this position provides Subject Matter Expert (SME) advice and guidance to SRNS Executive Management in matters related to projects and new mission capability.


Direct, lead, and manage the MAE group that was formed in response to an independent team review report of the SRNS Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) program and charged with responsibility for all technical and engineered acquisitions. Specifically, the MAE has the following responsibilities for SRNS:

  • CGD program execution for Safety Class and Safety Significant systems and procurements

  • Engineered equipment procurement specifications development

  • Procurement related Scopes of Work (SOW) development

  • Receipt Inspection Criteria Package (RICP) development

  • Discrepant Material Review Board (DMRB) disposition program execution

Geotechnical/Civil/Structural Engineering

Direct, lead, and manage the SRNS Geotechnical Engineering group that is responsible for the evaluation of seismic events, as well as conducting seismological, geological, and geotechnical studies in support of DOE initiatives. This work is required to implement the requirements of DOE Orders and to provide site geotechnical and structural support. The DOE requirements implemented under this work package include performance of natural phenomena hazards assessments, geological, and geotechnical activities as required by DOE Order 420.1; DOE Guide 420.1-1, DOE Guide 420.1-2, DOE STD-1020, DOE-STD-1022, DOE-STD-1023, DOE-STD-1189 and Standard Requirements Identification Document (S/RID) No. 07.02.050. Interfaces include DOE, SRS internal organizations (i.e., SRNL, SRR), DNFSB, SCDHEC, universities, consultants, and subcontractors. This group is also responsible for developing numerical models for soft zone analysis, responding to DNFSB questions, developing an updated Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis and issuing supporting documentation, and developing site specific geotechnical correlations. Additionally, they manage and maintain the SRS subsurface geological database and administrate the SRS seismic monitoring program.

Engineering Standards

Direct, lead, and manage the Engineering Standards program which establishes, revises, and maintains engineering policies, procedures, and standards for the entire site to provide cost-effective engineering solutions and support involving codes and standards, conduct of engineering, and procurement specifications.


Direct, lead, and manage the FPE program responsible to maintain the core fire protection needs of SRNS including:

  • Site SME for Functional Area 12 (FA12) Fire Protection and FA12 Management and Interface Controls

  • Site Fire Protection Cognizant Technical Function (CTF) for sitewide fire protection program

  • Maintain 2Q Manual procedures and interpret requirements

  • Provide direction for implementation to the facility Fire Protection Coordinators (FPCs)

  • Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) activities as delegated by DOE-SR Letters of Direction

  • NFPA Code interpretation and review to determine impacts of new revisions

  • Review and approve Fire Protection documents to ensure compliance with applicable S/RID and/or DOE specific requirements

  • Provide Fire System Maintenance Technical Support and monitor fire system impairments sitewide

  • Serve as the Co-Chair for the FPE Standards Working Group

  • Provide technical assistance in fire investigations

  • Provide fire protection requirements for facility drills and serve as controllers as required

  • Develop, review, and approve Interface Management documents (Service Level Agreements)

  • Coordinate and submit annual fire protection summary information to DOE-SR SME

  • Prepare and execute the S/RID required triennial Comprehensive Assessment Program

  • Develop responses to Independent Evaluation Board sitewide issues

  • Maintain the building assessment program to ensure the 1-3-5 year inspection requirements are tracked and completed

  • Develop and conduct FPC initial training as well as FPC and Design Authority Engineering (DAE) continuing education briefings

  • Serve as Fire Protection SME to Site Training Programs for Hot Work and Firewatch

Job Requirements

This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering or relevant technical discipline with a preference for an advanced degree in a technical discipline and a minimum of 20 years of related experience. This experience must include a minimum of 10 years of management experience, at least five of which are at higher level company management positions. Management experience must include direct responsibility for large scale programs or projects, and design responsibility for nuclear facilities is highly preferred.

Requires a broad and in-depth knowledge of design methodologies and project management principles. Also requires fundamental understanding of interfacing engineering disciplines such as Electrical Design, Instrumentation and Control (I&C), Mechanical Design, Structural Mechanics, FPE, and MAE.

Requires a demonstrated commitment to strong technical rigor in the execution of complex highly technical work. This position is unique within SRNS in that it has responsibility for all the principal design products of the company. This requires an extraordinary degree of rigor to ensure that products are produced with the highest level of technical and quality considerations to withstand external review and oversight. Additionally, such rigor is required to minimize the potential for errors in these products that could result in the costly rework or loss of site mission and damage to SRNS reputation.

Requires in-depth knowledge of DOE Orders, directives and technical standards, relevant Industry Standards, and related company policies and procedures (Engineering, Quality Assurance, Conduct of Operations, Human Resources, etc.).

Requires demonstrated leadership and management skills of highly experienced, highly technical, multi-disciplined personnel, including management, some of whom have complete mastery of complex technical analytical skills and techniques.

Requires knowledge of and experience with interacting with regulatory and oversight authorities. This includes development of corporate positions and presentation of issues to such authorities and resolution of issues to support compliance while ensuring the continued ability to execute SRNS missions.

Requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to collaboratively partner with others to achieve common goals in a cost and schedule effective manner.

HII is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. U.S. Citizenship is required for most positions. Disabled/Veterans are Welcome.